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New Square is a unique and tight-knit village located in the town of Ramapo in Rockland County, New York. It is home to one of the largest communities of Hasidic Jews in the United States, and its population is predominantly made up of members of the Skverer Hasidic dynasty.

The village was founded in the late 1950s by Skverer Hasidim who were seeking a peaceful and isolated place to live and practice their religious beliefs. Today, New Square is known for its strong sense of community, religious devotion, and adherence to traditional Hasidic customs and values.

One of the most striking aspects of New Square is its architectural style. The village is characterized by its rows of nearly identical attached houses, all of which were built with the same architectural design and materials. The uniformity of the houses is a reflection of the collective mindset of the community, where individuality is often subordinated to the greater good of the group.

Another defining feature of the village is its strong emphasis on religious education and study. New Square is home to several yeshivas and religious schools, where young boys receive a comprehensive education that includes both secular and religious studies. The community places a high value on scholarship and intellectual pursuits, and the village is known for producing many scholars and religious leaders within the Hasidic community.

Despite its small size, New Square has a thriving commercial sector, with a variety of small businesses catering to the needs of the community. The village is also home to several synagogues, as well as a grand central square where community events and celebrations are often held.

Overall, New Square offers a fascinating glimpse into a traditional and close-knit religious community. Its strong sense of community, religious devotion, and unique architectural style make it a truly one-of-a-kind place within the United States. While outsiders may find the customs and lifestyle of New Square to be somewhat foreign, the village is a welcoming and tight-knit community that values tradition, education, and a strong sense of shared identity.

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